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What is supercompensation?

Supercompensation is a model of sports science and describes how the body’s performance capacity temporarily exceeds the initial level during the recovery phase. Optimized supercompensation means more muscle growth, endurance and other performance factors.

This natural effect of supercompensation can be promoted so that the overperformance is greater by providing the body with the right nutrients in a targeted manner. This is where KA-EX comes into play!

Instructions: It’s best to take 1 sachet/bottle during or after training, and ideally 24 hours after training (also on rest days). A daily intake is recommended so that the benefits, such as an increased energy level in everyday life, are at their best.

What if you can go in All-in, without ever going All-out?

Made for recharge.
Backed by science.
Developed to perform.
The benefits of using KA-EX® are in its science-based formula. All ingredients are selected based on studies without any compromises. The vegan and gluten-free dietary supplement contains important micro- and macronutrients supporting your body’s recovery.

after every workout.

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